I lectured the reduction and reuse of carbon dioxide at the world coference in China (Quingdao) ---24th of Oct..,2018.  The title was "How can we reduce air pollution resulting in 

clean environment with a weak energy of water"

The folowing items can be advised as consultant;

Due to smallness such as one tenth of nano meter,  improving adsorption by tissues and 

characteristics of reduction.  

1) cleaning of river and lake     ---- 川や湖の浄化

2) water for cosmetics ---- 化粧品のベースとなる水、あるいは結晶品そのもの、紫外線予防

3) treatment of radioactive materials --- 放射性物質の扱い(放射能低減)

4) maintaining foods fresh  ------ 食品の鮮度保持

5) reusage of used lead battery ----  鉛バッテリー活性化

6) refrain from rust   ---- 錆びの防止




Consultant and Adviser ; not only usage of water itself, but also pico oreder size (1/10 smaller than nano) emits weak energy (such as far-IR ~ Terahertz ----- proofed with indirect methods--) to use the energy to a various fields of engineering, daily life with troubles and science.