Welcome !  to Sugihara Research Institute of Science and Tenology (S-rist)

1) We research and develop Water ,and matters relating to Water involving in materials and environment as well as an organism. 

2) Development for thermoelectricity ( temperature difference power generation) for clean energy and local power generation.  

3) Method for reduction of radioactivity;  radioactive substances are caesium 134 and 137, and tritium can be also possible although the experiment is not performed yet.

I hope any organization or anyone else wants to try the test with S-rist.

Computer simulation and materials desigh(29th DV-Xα Society);Tokyo University of Technology at Hachioji in Aug.8~9 . I presented lecture of "DV-Xαmethod for the water in neither molecule nor ionic state" trying to make basement for new development of water.

Topics in July,2016 ; Meeting in "The Society for Remediation of Radioactive Contamination in Environment"  July 7th in Tokyo. Sugihara's lecture ; Basic Radioactive Reduction of Caesium using Weak Energy of Water

Symposium for Actual Usage to Soiety of Thermoelectric Power Generation  of "Eco Material Forum"  July 25th in Tokyo; Sugihara's lecture; The History of Thermoelectric Power Generation and Future Development.