Water is so popular and common material and we can get it in Japan particularly, ubiquitous !  We have little research "water" as basic science.  I participated in Asia Wastewater Management Seminar in 21 Nov. 2017, Tokyo (Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar  and Vietnam).  I can cast light to their problems with my water technology.  I am a member of General Incorporated Association Green Earth Again, and try to make the sea in Fukushima clean. 


Welcome !  to Sugihara Research Institute of Science and Technology (S-rist)

1) We research and develop Water ,and matters relating to Water involving in materials and environment as well as an organism. 

2) Development for thermoelectricity ( temperature difference power generation) for clean energy and local power generation.  

3) Method for reduction of radioactivity;  radioactive substances are caesium 134 and 137, you can visit my results in these ten years as I put here;


The water is more than unusual !                       2019/05/13  S. Sugihara

                    SIGN water Spin Information Gauge-field Network

Extended particle <He-> functions “reduction” by electrons outside of the nucleus & also inside the nucleus. The presumed, infoton <He-> is named by Sugihara in 2008. 


I  Papers relating to “reduction” --- chemical reaction mainly

1) “Photochemical Removal of Pollutants from Air or Automobile Exhaust by Minimal Catalyst Water”,  Water, Vol. 1, 92-99, 2009.

2) “The Mechanisms of Activation of Substances by Minimal Catalyst Water and Application in Keeping Foods Fresh”,  Water, Vol.3, 87-94, 2011.

3)“Microscopic Approach to Water by Using the DV-Xα Method, and Some Innovative Applications”, Editor; Prof. T.Ishii, Springer Intern. Publishing Switzerland, 2015

4) “Functions on the Plants and Seeds with the Weak Energy of Water after Dissociating Hydrogen Bond”, ECAGRICULTURE Research Article,  6(1) pp.1-8, 2020 UK


II Papers for radiation reduction -----Transmutation of radioactive cesium to stable barium  

) Deactivation of Radiation from Radioactive Materials Contaminated in a Nuclear Power Plant Accident, Water, Vol.5, pp. 69-85, 2013.

) Faster disintegration of radioactive substances using energy of specially-processed water and theoretical prediction of a half-life of radionuclide, International Journal of Current Research and Academic Review, Vol.3, pp196-207, 2015.

) Model for Transmutation of Elements using Weak Energy of Water Leading to Faster Disintegration of Radionuclides, Water, Vol.10, pp.82-98, 2018.

4)Reduction of Radioactive Cesium with Purple Non Sulfur Bacteria, ECronicon, EC AGRICULTURE Research Article,  5(3) pp.134-138, 2019.


Travels  1) invited speech in Europa Water Conference (2015,The Netherlands)

      2) invited speech at RCCA ASIANA Co.Ltd. (2017, Thailand)

        3) invited speech at Cargill Inc. (2018, USA)


        4) world conference of CO2 reduction (2018, China). 

We make an effort to "give the water with science" in basic methods and application, and we approach environment, living body to solve their troubles.  We answered for them even up to now.  We want to keep continuing research be helpful for many people.

(the photos of the rainbow as well others in Fukushima were taken and provided by Mr. Nagasaka who is a general manager of our "NPO  Institute of light and water" )

Computer simulation and materials desigh(29th DV-Xα Society);Tokyo University of Technology at Hachioji in Aug.8~9 . I presented lecture of "DV-Xαmethod for the water in neither molecule nor ionic state" trying to make basement for new development of water.

Topics in July,2016 ; Meeting in "The Society for Remediation of Radioactive Contamination in Environment"  July 7th in Tokyo. Sugihara's lecture ; Basic Radioactive Reduction of Caesium using Weak Energy of Water

Symposium for Actual Usage to Society of Thermoelectric Power Generation  of "Eco Material Forum"  July 25th in Tokyo; Sugihara's lecture; The History of Thermoelectric Power Generation and Future Development.