was published; the title is;

[Save of Environment and living organisms with weak energy of the water]

on MCAES(Medicon Agriculture & Environmental Sciences Volume 1 Issue 2 October 2021 Research Article)  -------インドの学術誌に掲載




一般社団法人グリーンアースアゲイン(Green Earth Again)が昨年、10月に発足し、理事に就任しました。会員制の法人です。まずは、「海の水をきれいに」と云う活動で、各理事がテーマを持ち寄って進めていく計画です。関心のある方は、当財団home pageへ-----https://geagain.or.jp/

福島のトリチウムの軽減に挑みます------ reduce tritium in Fukushima!






1) "Functions on the Plants and Seeds with the Weak Energy of Water after Dissociating Hydrogen Bond” has been published online in EC Agriculture.  2nd of January, 2020.




 2) Patent of fabrication and application of SIGN water ( Japan Patent Office No. 6666528 (Feb. 25, 2020).

   Fabrication of active water, keep foods fresh, etc.

     SIGN水の製造等の特許登録 No. 66666528 (令和2年2月25日)

3)Purple Non-Sulfur Bacteria can change the Radioactive Elements in the Contaminated Weeds to Stable One.

EC Agriculture Research Article (ECronicon Open Access, 5.3,2019, 134-138 )


 ”非硫黄細菌による汚染雑草の放射性元素の安定元素への変換” -----水が関わっていると診ています。

3)Recent manuscript ;  "Model for Transmutation of Elements using Weak Energy of Water Leading to Faster Disintegration of Radionuclides"

Sunao Sugihara,






Lecture on J-SCORE ; title is [ It is just water, but it is really water] (2018/12/22) in Tokyo.  Many engineeers, scientists and bachelor of literature praised the contents and asked many question earnestly.  It was successful meeting indeed. 





 Lecture sponsored by Friendly-NPO Corporation between Japan-China (2018/10/4---Tokyo), I talked for 3 hours in Tokyo;  Important issues in enterpize for manufacturing --- from daily substances to nuclear engineering ----






Business trip to USA  (Wichita in Kansas ), Aug. 23 to 25 in 2018.   and presented 

"water science and application " ,  it was so good experience although too short. 





 「SIGN水研究所」と名称変更しました (Spin Information Gauge-field Network )



Consulting for "water and light " and " energy (power of electricity) " , and lecture for

energy-related materials (electronic ceramics in particular), which SIGN water Inst. provides.

The water is more than unusual !   

59 th Myanmar Japan SEDA  Tokyo ( SEDA; Socio Economic Development Association ) --- I had a lecture

「 Basic Science and Applications in Environment, Living Organ and Foods of The Weak EnergyーWater 」(2019/1/21). 

最新情報 (topics) 第59回・ミャンマージャパン・SEDA東京交流会にて講演(2019/1/21) 。「水の微小エネルギーの基礎及び環境、生体、食品への応用」という話し。